Summary of Good Practice Recommendations

Galleries have a responsibility to:

  • provide a clear point of contact for the artist/s

  • provide a written contract or agreement 

  • uphold the principles of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP), see First Nations

  • gain artist’s approval for any written or published material about them 

  • provide a safe space for working and communication, see Racial Equity and Representation

  • consider, communicate, plan and, where feasible, ensure accessibility of physical spaces, online spaces and events, see Access Rights for d/Deaf and Disabled People

  • ensure artwork is handled, displayed and stored safely

  • develop and deliver a marketing plan and promotional strategy

  • meet legal obligations in the areas of workplace health and safety (see Workplace Health and Safety), insurance (see Insurance) and copyright (see Intellectual Property)

  • deliver safety provisions, including Covid safety provisions

  • develop public and educational programs with artists as appropriate

  • develop risk management plans, see Emergency Response and Disaster Preparedness and Freedom of Expression

  • collect data for reporting, such as attendance

  • ensure touring packages are clear and comprehensive, including providing signage, didactics and installation instructions

Artists have a responsibility to:

  • meet responsibilities outlined in the written agreement, including insurance (see Insurance), delivery and deadline provisions

  • provide images and text for use during the agreed period

  • insure the work for loss or damage if this is not covered by the organisation’s insurance

  • consider, communicate, plan and, where possible, ensure accessibility of the work and online materials, see Access Rights for d/Deaf and Disabled People

The agreement should outline:

  • terms and conditions, according to a standard, transparent and accessible (preferably digital) template

  • transport arrangements

  • fee payments, identifying the loan fee, artists’ fee and production fee (for new work commissions) and other fees where appropriate, see Payment Standards

  • clearly outline the responsibilities of each party including deadlines

Auslan Translation - Exhibiting Summary of Good Practice Recommendations