Hiring a Gallery Space to Exhibit and Sell

Summary of Good Practice Recommendations

Gallery and exhibition spaces have a responsibility to:

  • provide transparent and accessible information on their standard terms, including services, fees, floor plans and a standard hire agreement

  • consider, communicate, plan and, where feasible, ensure the accessibility of physical spaces, online spaces and events, see Access Rights for d/Deaf and Disabled People

  • implement equitable application processes, see Equitable Application Processes

  • promote the exhibition 

Artists have a responsibility to:

  • transport the work to and from the space

  • price the work

  • provide free images to promote the exhibition

  • promote the exhibition

  • consider, communicate, plan and where possible, ensure the work is accessible (see Access Rights for d/Deaf and Disabled People)

Agreements should include: 

  • terms and conditions, according to a standard, transparent and accessible (preferably digital) template

  • hire rates

  • hire period

  • floorplan of space

  • list of works to be exhibited

  • commission/consignment sales process, rates and period

  • exhibition guidelines

  • condition report of the space before hire 

  • installation arrangements

  • arrangements for Acknowledgement of Country in the space and online

  • advertising and collateral material arrangements

  • pricing of work

  • responsibility for opening night arrangements and costs

  • accessibility provisions

  • staffing arrangements at opening night and during the show

  • responsibility for insurances, including public liability insurance and insurance for loss or damage of the work

  • rubbish removal

Auslan Translation - Hiring a Gallery Space Summary of Good Practice Recommendations