Last Updated May 29th, 2023


Like the first edition of the Code of Practice, this major revision would not have been possible without the contributions of hundreds of artists and practitioners, gallery managers and directors, agents, commissioners, prizes and award managers, residency and workshop managers and other industry professionals who participated in consultations between 2019 - 2022. Many artists and organisations also provided specialist advice and have been generous with time, information and recommendations.

Project Team

NAVA Executive Director - Penelope Benton 

Project Manager, Code of Practice - Rhianna Pezzaniti

Copy Editor - Monique Choy

NAVA Team:

Interim Deputy Director - Georgie Cyrillo

Communications and Advocacy Manager - Leya Reid

Finance and Operations Coordinator - Holly Morrison

Education Coordinator, Schools - Alise Hardy

Education Coordinator, Tertiary - Andrée Ruggeri

Membership and Projects Officers - Emma Pham, Sarah Rose, Naomi Segal, Donnalyn Xu


Advocacy Director - Mimi Crowe (June - December 2021)

Executive Director - Esther Anatolitis (until August 2020)

First Nations Research and Engagement Coordinator - Georgia Mokak (until September 2021)

Membership and Projects Officer - Tanushri Saha (until July 2021)

Code Reviewers

Terri Janke Company - Terri Janke, Laura Curtis, Ji Robinson Stone, Maiko Sentina 

Margaret Mayhew 

Arts Law Centre of Australia - Roxanne Lorenz and Rai Ducret


Connie Anthes

Marnie Badham 

Penelope Benton

Sophia Cai 

Tristan Chant

Monique Choy 

Janine Collins 

Courtney Coombs

Georgie Cyrillo 

Robyn Gawenda

Ruth Fazakerley

Alise Hardy

Lachlan Herd

Nick Heynsbergh

Fiona Hillary

Debra Keenahan 

Hannah Kothe

Celina Lei

Vanessa Low

Bridie Moran 

Holly Morrison

Stephanie Parkin

Olivia Poloni 

Tara Prowse 

Lisa Radford

Sarah Rowbottam 

Miranda Samuels 

Daniel Santangeli 

Zoe Scoglio

Elizabeth West

Sharne Wolff

Anna Zagala 

Tian Zhang

Disability Focus Group

Paul Calcott

Hanna Cormick

Debra Keenahan 

Kirsty Martinsen

Daniel Savage

Jeremy Smith

Prue Stevenson

Sue Jo Wright

Working with Art Centres Advisors

Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia (AACHWA)

Arts Law Centre of Australia

Aṉanguku Arts and Cultural Aboriginal Corporation (Ku Arts)

Australia Council for the Arts


Ernabella (APY Lands, SA)

Erub Arts (Torres Strait, QLD)

Girringun Art Centre (Far North, QLD)

Ikuntji Arts (Western Desert, NT)

Indigenous Art Centre Alliance (IACA)

Indigenous Art Code 

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency (Kimberley, WA)

Martumili Artists (Pilbara, WA)

Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre (Arhnem Land, NT)

Tangentyere Artists (Central Desert, NT)

Terri Janke Company

UMI Arts

Individual Section Reviewers and Advisors

Brett Adlington 

Vivien Anderson

Rebekah Butler

Freja Carmichael 

Peter Day

Max Delany

Maree Di Pasquale

Michael Edwards

Sophie Gannon

Alex Kelly 

Hannah Mathews

Spence Messih

Lauren Mustillo

Michelle Newton

Kate Parker

Brian Parkes

Amy Prcevich

Andrew Reilly 

Elvis Richardson

Anne Robertson 

Andree Ruggeri

Tanushri Saha

Daniel Savage 

Zoe Scoglio

Naomi Segal 

Alex Seton

Patrice Sharkey

Claire Sourgnes

Nicholas Thompson

Claire Watson

Various Focus Group Participants

Abdul Abdullah

Nathan Beard

Priscilla Beck

Zanny Begg

Andy Butler

Freja Carmichael 

Sophia Cai

Theia Connell 

Alexia Derbas

Rayleen Forester

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Jeremy Hawkes

Sebastian Henry-Jones 

Lauren Kerjan

Rohin Kickett

Kelly Lee 

Mimi Leung

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Haneen Martin 

Lara Merrington 

Jazz Money

Gabrielle Mordy

Linyi Pang

Skye Pearson

Meagan Pelham

Allison Reynolds

Amanda Rowell

Daniel Savage 

Eleanor Scicchitano

M. Sunflower 

Angela Tiatia

Jane Trengove

Truc Truong

Elizabeth West

Imogen Yang

Danni Zuvela

Open Consultations


Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Esther Anatolitis

Nicole Barakat

Ali Gumillya Baker 

Bianca Beetson

Penelope Benton

Kate Britton

Don Clark

Hanna Cormick

Michaelie Crawford

Tara Daniel

Jo-Anne Driessens

Michael Edwards

Ruth Fazakerley

Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Sarah Gurich

Cassandra Hard-Lawrie

Libby Harward

Taloi Havini

Deborah Kelly

MaryJo Lelyveld

Sue Lorraine

Georgia Mokak

Michelle Newton

Frank Panucci

Brian Parkes

Jason Phu

Izabela Pluta

Sarah Rowbottam

Amanda Rowell

Joann Russo

Patrice Sharkey

Lara Thoms

Angela Tiatia

James Tylor

Judy Watson

More than 1,400 people across the sector registered and participated in NAVA's online consultations between 2020 and 2022, many following up via email after the meetings to share their notes and other ideas. A further 70 people attended workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2018 and 2019.

Discussion Paper Writers

Marnie Badham

Georgie Cyrillo

Roslyn Helper

Lachlan Herd

Sara Kelly

Georgia Mokak

Holly Morrison

Olivia Polini 

Adam Porter

Sarah Rose

Elizabeth West

Sharne Wolff 

Tian Zhang 

Code Revision Structure Workshop

Esther Anatolitis

Marnie Badham

Celia Bradshaw

Penelope Benton

Megan Cope

Kelly Doley

Delwyn Everard

Judy Grady

Holly Morrison

Claudia Roosen

Wesley Shaw

Gabrielle Sullivan

Illustrations and Graphics

Code chapter illustrations - Claudia Chinyere Akole

Consultation graphic recordings - Sarah Firth


Development: Rockethouse 

Design: Studio OK-OK

Original Code of Practice

First Edition

The first edition of this Code was developed as part of the Visual Arts Industry Guidelines Research Project (VAIGRP).

Investigators - Tamara Winikoff, Terry Smith, Ron Callus, Tony Bond, Shane Simpson, David Throsby 

Research Officers - Ilana Kresner, Virginia Hollister, Caroline Jordan, Esther Rice

General Editor - Caroline Jordan

Associate Editors - Virginia Hollister and Esther Rice

Authors - Diana Irving, Mehera San Roque & Andra Kins, Linda Browne, Nicola Teffer, Chris Briggs & Ron Callus, Virginia Hollister, Ian Mcdonald, Susan Cochrane, Adrian Brooks 


Third and Fourth Editions

The third and fourth editions of this Code were built on previous text which was checked for accuracy and currency by industry experts and NAVA staff.

The third edition included the outcomes of a separate research project Best Practice for Artists and Publicly Funded Galleries funded by the Gordon Darling Foundation. This document replaced the text on publicly funded galleries in the first and second edition. 

The draft of the third edition was negotiated with the Australian Commercial Galleries Association (ACGA) and the Australia Council for the Arts.


Fifth Edition

The fifth edition further expanded the Code’s relevance for craft and design practitioners as part of the National Craft Initiative (NCI), with project management by Susan Wacher and Georgia Hutchison and revisions by Margaret Farmer.

NAVA and the NCI acknowledged the contributions made by the following practitioners and industry experts: Barbara Campbell-Allen; Jo Dunsmuir, Director, Frankie and Ray; Melanie Katsalidis, Director and Founder, Pieces of Eight Gallery; Alexander Lotersztain, Director, Derlot; Dr Kevin Murray, Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne; Toby Newell, Product Development Coordinator, National Gallery of Victoria; Brian Parkes, Director, Jam Factory; Kate Podger, Director, Central Craft; Jane Scott, Director, Craft Victoria; Antonia Syme, Director, Australian Tapestry Workshop; and Sarah Weston, Retail and Commissions Manager, Craft Victoria.

The Code was also rewritten with reference to the development of the Indigenous Art Code. NAVA was involved in the drafting of the Indigenous Code and it is noted that the Indigenous Art Code is based on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission model for a voluntary code. It requires industry participants to sign up to the code. Once they sign up, they agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of that code. These terms and conditions may not be the same as the good practice recommendations in the NAVA Code of Practice.